NHC staff volunteers their time for creek week in Sacramento

Creek Week is hosted by the Sacramento Area Creeks Council with the goal of educating the general public on the aesthetic, recreational, and ecological value of our urban creeks. NHC's Sacramento office has donated money and time to Creek Week through sponsoring and providing a Site Team Leader and participants for the last ten years. Every year, NHC employees make up the majority of volunteers at our site, with individuals giving up their Saturday morning to give back to the community.

NHC has been cleaning the same reach of Arcade Creek annually. The creek cleanup is predominately trash collection in the stream and along the riparian corridor. This includes removing accidental habitat features such as tires, shopping carts, vacuum cleaners, and anything else people have dumped in the area. The most interesting find so far was an old United Nations plane door, which has become a local legend. The effects of the annual cleanup on the creek are evident. The distance that the volunteers cover has doubled through the years due to the decrease in trash from previous efforts. 

Creek Week has been a great way for NHC to be involved with giving back to the community while getting people invested in their local waterways. It is a partnership that we plan on continuing into the future.