NHC Brazil's Guilherme de Lima discusses drought response options on Brazilian TV

Southern Brazil is currently experiencing an extreme drought. In response, the water supply company is taking the unprecedented step of tapping the "dead storage” pool of the Cantareira water system to supply São Paulo. The situation is critical, and if it does not rain enough this summer, São Paulo could face a severe water shortage. Many other cities in São Paulo state are already having water shortage problems because they just have small reservoirs that are now dry.

As part of public education about the drought, Guilherme was asked to address water resource issues on the show "Encontro com Fátima Bernardes”, a weekday current affairs show hosted by the former anchor of Brazil's main TV news show, Jornal Nacional (National News). Ms. Bernardes asked him to address general questions about the drought, recent use of the dead storage in the Cantareira system, and overall water use in Brazil compared to other countries (video link in Portuguese).

"It was interesting”, Guilherme noted. "While I mostly operate in a highly technical role, I enjoyed getting the chance to provide some information about Brazil's water resources to the Brazilian citizenry.”