NHC and the LaSalle Consulting Group Join Forces

Northwest Hydraulic Consultants is pleased to announce a merger with the LaSalle Consulting Group of Montreal, Quebec. The companies are two of the largest engineering firms that operate hydraulic modeling laboratories in North America. LaSalle will remain a separate company, Lasalle|NHC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NHC Ltd.

Both companies specialize in design, construction, and testing of constructed physical models of engineering designs and river systems. LaSalle and NHC merged to better serve our clients by:

  • Substantially increasing our laboratory and staff capacity in constructing and testing physical hydraulic models;
  • Providing a broader array of services in the water resource sector to existing and new clients across North America and internationally;
  • Drawing on the combined expertise developed at NHC and LaSalle over the last 50+ years to provide our clients with the best people for their project.

"We are very excited to have LaSalle join us to enhance our capabilities to serve clients and expand our geographic presence" noted NHC Ltd. President Herb Wiebe.

Brian Hughes, NHC's director of physical modeling operations, noted "It's a fit that makes sense. Both firms are highly regarded in the industry, but operate mostly in different geographic markets. The merger will allow us to share work and specialized expertise to provide more comprehensive services to existing and new clients."

Marc Villeneuve will assume the role of President of Lasalle|NHC and has been appointed to the NHC Board of Directors. All LaSalle owners will remain at Lasalle|NHC and are acquiring NHC shares as part of the acquisition.

Villeneuve is enthused about new possibilities from the merger. "Joining with NHC gives us a greater variety of skills that we can now offer our clients in our market area, while continuing to honor our existing teaming relationships."

Villeneuve and Hughes agreed that "from our clients' perspectives, the merger will provide significant advantages: our clients should now benefit from our increased modeling capacity, breadth of expertise, and efficiencies.