Dr. Richard H. Cooper It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Richard H. Cooper, co-founder of Northwest Hydraulic Consultants and first President of NHC, whose term extended from 1972 until 2002. 

Dr. Cooper (Dick) was instrumental in shaping the organization that we have today through a combination of his principled actions, savvy business acumen, technical knowledge, intellect, and concern for the staff at NHC. The values he embraced and his personal qualities, which included self-confidence, honesty, transparency, humor, humility, and a spirit of cooperation, contributed to our corporate culture, the values we embrace as an organization, and the overall success of the firm. Dick was an inspiration to his colleagues and we feel privileged to have known and worked with him.

Alberta Innovators magazine profiled Dick Cooper in the spring 2013 edition, providing a further glimpse into his life and career. The article can be viewed here.