NHC's BC Offices Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 43% As part of their social responsibility and sustainability efforts, our British Columbia offices have reduced their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by 43%. Our BC offices participate in the Climate Smart Business Program, which offers training and software to measure carbon emissions and plan for reductions.

Some recent steps NHC has taken to reduce GHG emissions at our Vancouver office include:

  • Utilizing a service to recycle/reuse a significant portion of our construction waste, reducing the amount that goes to landfill;
  • Expanding recycling options in our physical modeling lab to include more plastics;
  • Composting of organic matter including kitchen and garden waste;
  • Upgrading to higher efficiency interior and exterior lighting, including sensors and timers;
  • Promoting use of car share for site meetings by adding a car2go double parking space.

In addition, NHC continues to encourage staff to rent fuel efficient vehicles, carpool or bike to work, turn off computer monitors and lights when not in use, avoid unnecessary printing, and of course, recycle!