NHC's Bob macarthur and sacramento office celebrate
20 year anniversary

NHC Principal Bob MacArthur joined NHC 20 years ago and opened our Sacramento office in January 1994. Bob started as an office-of-one located in Davis, and was soon joined by NHC Principal (and now NHC Pasadena Branch Manager) Ed Wallace within a few months. During the fall of 1994, Bob and Ed opened our office in a small corner of our present office space in West Sacramento, and since then the office has grown to a staff of 20 water resource specialists. The Sacramento office was NHC's first expansion into California, which was followed by additional offices in Pasadena and South Lake Tahoe. 

A few words from Bob on the occasion:

"Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work for the Corps of Engineers, FEMA, Yolo County, Santa Clara Valley Water District, Solano County Water Agency, State of California Office of the Attorney General, CalTrans, and many other private and public clients. I am sincerely grateful to NHC for providing me and my family with the opportunity to become an integral part of a highly regarded hydrotechnical engineering services company. NHC continues to provide me and our staff with challenging, yet rewarding professional opportunities and a great family oriented office environment. Our staff and clients are great and I'm still having fun while enjoying the technical challenges of managing complex water resources projects. Thank you NHC!"

Congratulations Bob!  Time flies when you're having fun!