NHC's charles r. neill receives fellowship award from the engineering institute of canada

Charles R. Neill is a long-time principal at NHC, and a pioneer in the area of river engineering. He has contributed significantly to the development of hydrotechnical engineering as a separate area of study.
Charlie has had a varied civil engineering career embracing construction, design, research, teaching, and consulting. In the research and consulting fields, he has specialized in hydraulics and water resources engineering, with emphasis on rivers and canals, erosion and sedimentation, flood hydrology, ice problems, and hydraulic models.

Notable among Charlie's many contributions is editing and contributing to the Guide to Bridge Hydraulics in both the 1973 and 2001 versions, as well as over 40 other documents including Hydrology of Floods in Canada, Ice Effects on Bridges, and Channel Stability Assessment for Flood Control Projects.

For his contributions to hydrotechnical and river engineering, the President of the Engineering Institute of Canada, Jean Zu, honoured Charlie as a Fellow, at the Institute's Annual Awards Banquet in Ottawa, on 15 March 2014.

Congratulations Charlie on award of your Fellowship!