California department of water resources presents citation to brad hall for work in defending the jones tract lawsuit

Brad Hall, NHC Principal, was recently cited by California DWR's Director, Mark W. Cowin, for his expert witness testimony and NHC's work in helping to defend a lawsuit at Jones Tract, in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. DWR was sued by landowners who claimed that DWR's State Water Project operations led to channel erosion that resulted in levee failure and flooding of agricultural land. The NHC team, led by Brad, evaluated bathymetric surveys, sampled and determined the regional sediment characteristics, completed an assessment of the region's hydrodynamics, and evaluated channel sediment mobility for all hydrologic conditions. The analysis clearly showed that the Jones Tract region is an area of net sediment deposition, and that local sediment characteristics and hydrodynamic conditions could not lead to channel erosion and subsequent levee failure. The judge agreed and found in favor of DWR. 

The text of the citation is as follows:

"In recognition and appreciation of your outstanding accomplishments in supporting the Department in its defense in the Jones Tract Island Flooding lawsuit. As part of the State's defense team, you performed a superb job in analyzing the complex legal and technical problems and in presenting information to the court in ways that were understood by the court while being truthful to the facts. Countless hours beyond the call of duty were spent by you and the Team preparing for the trial and testimonies. Without your dedication and without your strong conviction to the truth, the outcome could have been otherwise and disastrous to the operation of the State Water Project."

Mark W. Cowin, Director
California Department of Water Resources