NHC and the LaSalle Consulting Group Join Forces Northwest Hydraulic Consultants is pleased to announce a merger with the LaSalle Consulting Group of Montreal, Quebec. The companies are two of the largest engineering firms that operate hydraulic modeling laboratories in North America. LaSalle will remain a separate company, Lasalle|NHC, a wholly owned subsidiary of NHC Ltd.

Both companies specialize in design, construction, and testing of constructed physical models of engineering designs and river systems. LaSalle and NHC merged to better serve our clients by:

  • Substantially increasing our laboratory and staff capacity in constructing and testing physical hydraulic models;
  • Providing a broader array of services in the water resource sector to existing and new clients across North America and internationally;
  • Drawing on the combined expertise developed at NHC and LaSalle over the last 50+ years to provide our clients with the best people for their project.

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NHC and the LaSalle Consulting Group Join Forces
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We're Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, a highly skilled team of water resource engineers, scientists, and planners. We develop innovative and effective solutions for protecting, managing, and developing water resources.

Our staff are leaders in integrating practical knowledge and experience with the development and application of physical and numerical modeling technology. Our physical hydraulic modeling facilities comprise the largest commercial hydraulics laboratory operation in western North America. NHC actively integrates technical analysis into water-related environmental issues and maintains a long-term commitment to water-based projects in developing countries.

Water is vital to the world's human population and the environment, but is becoming an increasingly limited resource. Our success lies in applying our knowledge and experience to find custom solutions for each of our clients, which in turn brings positive impacts in the lives of individuals around the world.

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We tailor our work to meet the specific needs of each client and project, including determining threats of flooding to communities, providing solutions that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of water use, and protecting and restoring ecosystems.

We have successfully completed thousands of projects in North America, and many other projects in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Our work brings us practically anywhere that water flows, accumulates, or freezes.

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