Nybrufossen Whitewater Park Project Physical Model Study

CLIENT: Kongsberg Padleklubb, Norway

The Kongsberg Padleklubb (KPK) has proposed the development of a whitewater park in the Nybrufossen Falls section of the Numedalslaagen River in Kongsberg, Norway. Engineering Design Pre-Feasibility (Phase 1) and Design Feasibility (Phase2) studies previously conducted by NHC identified the preferred layout as well as design modifications to be considered in the final design.

NHC was contracted to develop a physical model of the project area, the main objective of which was to create advanced (competition-level) playwave features on the Numedalslaagen River by restructuring the ledge at the downstream end of the upper pool. The physical model was also used to evaluate the playwave performance over a desired range of target river discharges and to mitigate any hydraulic issues resulting from the proposed modifications.

NHC constructed a 1:12 scale physical model of the main channel width through the falls section and a significant portion of the lower pool extending downstream to the Numedalsveien Bridge. Design optimization testing was conducted to develop modifications to the ledge with the objective of producing a playwave feature suitable for advanced boaters without impacting the aesthetics of the waterfall or study reach.

Click here for time-lapse video of the model construction.